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16.-18. August 2019 störmthaler see großpösna / leipzig

Highviech Loft For More

Highfield Loft for 3 or 4

You want to stay in our most prestigious Resort? In a 24qm DOMO-Tent? Then you need to book our Highfield Loft for 3 or 4 package!
The Highfield Loft for 3 or 4 Package includes alongside the known benefits:
  • Separate areal 
  • Includes the rental of a DOMO-tent with a floor area of 24qm for up to 4 persons 
  • Breathable outer membrane which consists of 100% cotton and offers a pleasurable indoor climate
  • Two twin beds (140x200cm) with sheets, pillow and bedcover (no sleeping bag!)
  • One big and comfortable beanbag chair as well as a carpet / picnic blanket to relax within the tent or in front of it.
  • Side table & clothes storage
  • standing mirror to check out your festival outfit before heading to a show 
  • Indoor lighting
  • Electricity (240 Volt – max. 1000 W)*
  • 1 x WiFi-ticket** per person
Additional information on the offer can be obtained at www.domo-camp.org or www.facebook.com/domocamp


Overview of the Searassic Park benefits:

  • Preferred entrance
  • Separate areal with limited capacity (max. 500 visitors)
  • Parking lot next to the festival entrance east
  • More space around your housing
  • Paved paths and elegantly illuminated primary routes
  • Separate water flushed toilets and showers
  • Daily garbage collection and enough trashcans (therefore you don’t have to pay a deposit)
  • A reception for your questions and wishes


The Highfield Loft for 4 or 5 package is available for 479 € per person. 


[1] Please remember, for safety reasons, we have to limit the max. power to 1.000 watts. The electricity is generated local and therefore interference-prone. We can´t assume liability for the use of the power source and eventual defects on your devices caused by voltage fluctuation or disturbances. We reserve the right to interrupt the power supply (temporarily) in case of extreme weather conditions for safety reasons.

[2] Please remember, that we set up the Wi-Fi on an open field which means that we can´t guarantee it operating 100 % all the time. Up to 100 guests surf on a synchronous 10 Mbit-cable, that is connected partly wireless, partly with copper-cables, at the same time.  Therefore we cannot assume liability for temporary failures.

Terms & Conditions

You can download our Terms & Conditions HERE.

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