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14.-16. August 2020 störmthaler see großpösna / leipzig


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There’s always loads of new things to discover, and memories to relive! Beck’s, with our awesome festival partners, will again this summer bring the hottest artists back on-stage! You can find all the vital at www.becks.de.



The time has come at the Highfield Festival 2019 where the legendary dominating Jägermeister stag will raise its antlers for the very last time at the German festival landscape. Jägermeister Blaskapelle, Schmutzki, Alex Mofa Gang, Stunnah, Brett, KMPFSPRT and numerous other acts will celebrate the big farewell together with the Jägermeister stag and the fans. Also be prepared for some cool farewell specials. See you when the stag roars and Jägermeister throws a big round of free shots. Wonder what Jägermeister is planning for the coming years? Stay tuned!


JTI (Japan Tobacco International) is a member of the Japan Tobacco Group and among the world’s leading tobacco companies. We produce and distribute internationally renowned brands such as Winston, Camel and American Spirit. With our internationally recognized brand Logic, we are also a major player in the e-cigarette market and have been present in the heated tobacco category with Ploom. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, we operate in more than 130 countries and employ over 45,000 people. We have been awarded „Top Employer“ for the sixth consecutive year.
With its brand portfolio, JTI has been active in the festival sector in Germany for many years and is looking forward to working with the Highfield Festival. For further information please visit www.jti.com/Germany



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With Alpine hearing protection, you can enjoy the things you love to do even more. Such as listening to your favourite music live at Highfield festival. As a leading brand with 25 years of experience in the area of high-quality hearing protection, we’ve developed special filter earplugs that optimally preserve the music experience. Alpine PartyPlug earplugs have special music filters, with which you can still hear the music and conversations perfectly, while you protect your hearing. What’s more, thanks to the special model and soft material they are super comfortable and, contrary to single use foam earplugs, can be used over 100 times. Love your ears!

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